Why am I finally blogging?

Ever since my Internet epiphany in October 1994, I have believed the web to be a new medium, a platform for all kinds of expression and creativity. So, why have I waited until now to start blogging? I don’t have any really good excuses for why I waited.

But I do have now a motivator to get me started, finally. It’s Pulse, the new social network from Plaxo. (Disclosure: I’m the head of marketing at Plaxo.) With Pulse, I can now know that the people I know (who also use Pulse) will see my postings — and soon will be able to comment on them in non-anonymous conversations within Pulse.

So, now I guess I have to finish making this blog something worth visiting!

2 thoughts on “Why am I finally blogging?

  1. Howard Smith says:

    John – tried to connect my blogger.com blog using pulse and got a failure. See this is word press blog. Is that a known limitation?

  2. therealmccrea says:

    Howard, That should not be a problem. Send me e-mail, john at plaxo dot com, and I can get you help in setting it up.

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