PR 2.0

Yesterday I got a call from our PR firm in New York, letting me know that my company (Plaxo, where I head up marketing) was in the Wall Street Journal, the print edition. I fished out my copy (yes, I’m old school enough to get it delivered daily), and there it was. A reprint of a piece from the Wall Street Journal’s blog. Which was largely about a piece on Wired Magazine’s blog. Which was largely inspired by a piece that was in Robert Scoble’s blog. Which was based on a coverasation that I had with him at a Lunch 2.0 event at Facebook. My, how times are changing…Oh, yeah, and we also got some exposure on Valleywag.

3 thoughts on “PR 2.0

  1. Bruce Keener says:

    Good exposure, John. Good to see.

  2. Melvin Ram says:

    hahaha that is funny. It’s interesting how online coverage is now influencing offline coverage.

    Last year, GM was attacked by NY Times writer Tom Friedman in their print edition. GM wanted to respond with a 1000 word rebuttal but the letter to the editor only allowed a small paragraph… so they decided to respond on their blog.

    I recall that Friedman decided to respond to the blog post in print (i believe) and the whole conversation got national coverage both in print, online press & the blogosphere.

    You remember all that? I was fascinated… but not surprised.

  3. terry chay says:

    Looking at Pete Curley’s photo on Valleywag gives a new definition to “some exposure” 😀

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