Powerset Wants to Eat Google’s Lunch…

…but instead we ate Powerset’s (thanks!), at Lunch 2.0, the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut of Web 2.0 networking. Media outlets with represenatives at the event included the San Francisco Chronicle (coverage here), the Wall Street Journal, and “Gawker” — we know who you are ;^).

When Joseph and I got back to our office, two major media outlets were waiting to speak with us about Pulse and the super-hot topic of walled gardens vs. the open social web, based on the buzz that got started late last week from my beer-fueled leak to Robert Scoble at Facebook’s Lunch 2.0 event in Palo Alto.

And don’t forget, next Wednesday, Plaxo plays host to Lunch 2.0, with the first public demo of Pulse!





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