Biggest Lunch 2.0 Ever?

Yesterday, my company, Plaxo, hosted the ever-more-popular Lunch 2.0 at its shiny new headquarters. Total crowd was well over 300, certainly one of the largest yet. It was really a fun gathering, with DJs, demos, free t-shirts, Popeye’s fried chicken (and California Pizza Kitchen, and ToGo’s, and Round Table), and an ice cream sundae bar!

I think a lot of people who had heard of Pulse, the new social network from Plaxo, got their first chance to see it, hear about it, ask questions, and to play with it at the “Check Your Pulse” stations. Joseph Smarr rallied the crowd with his calls to “keep the social web open,” and for users to demand ownership, control, and portability of their own data.

Jeremiah Owyang has some nice coverage and great pictures here.

Here are a few of the pics I took…

Pete Curley, Product Manager for Pulse, who Says Captain Morgan isn’t Really your “Friend”

DJ and Product Manager, Hong Taek Kwon

The Mysterious Floating Fork

Todd Masonis, Co-Founder and VP of Products, Assembling the Ice Cream Sundae Bar

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