Surviving Valleywag

When I was picking up my badge at the registration table at BarCampBlock on Saturday afternoon, free beer in hand, I ran into Terry Chay, the “ultimate social bee,” who flits around Web 2.0 events, tirelessly cross-pollinating, until everyone knows everyone. He immediately introduced me to Sarah Meyers, of Gawker Media (parent of Valleywag), and, with a wink and a smile, he quickly disappeared into the throng. I was left alone with the winsome Sarah and her video recording rig.

Now, I like a video camera as much as (if not more than) the average marketer. But this was Valleywag. Would I be skewered like the guy from Powerset (which I thought was hilarious when I watched it from the comfort of my office)?

Today, I found out. Here’s the post. And below are two screengrabs. How did I do? Comment there, here, or in Plaxo Pulse (if you’re in my business network) to let me know. From the screenshot, it looks like it was really sunny (or else I need way more sleep).



It could have been worse. What didn’t make it onto the web? A piece of pretzel flying out of my mouth. (Thanks, Sarah!)

Or me yelling, “Captain Morgan isn’t your friend!” (He really isn’t, after all.)

3 thoughts on “Surviving Valleywag

  1. terry chay says:

    Which is it. Butterfly or bee?

    Here is a picture of Sarah interviewing you…

  2. terry chay says:

    Ick, HTML filters

    Gawker checks out his pulse

  3. therealmccrea says:

    Thanks, Terry! And here’s a different angle on the scene that you captured. Much nicer view.

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