Stumping for the Bill of Rights

It was a good day for the Bill of Rights for users of the social web. I featured it prominently in my talk on the “Social Computing” panel, representing Plaxo at Office 2.0, and a bunch of positive comments came to the website. What inspired me the most? So many of the comments were of the form, “We’ve translated the Bill of Rights into (our language, including Spanish, French, Polish…).”

 What’s next? I got the Bill of Rights turned into a big poster. It’s in my car right now, and I’ll be bringing it with me to the Data Sharing Summit tomorrow morning, so everyone their can put their “John Hancock” on it!

Oh, and here’s just a couple pics from today at the Office 2.0 conference. Looked like CNET’s Rafe Needleman was *all over* the event…



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