Best Panel in a Long Time?

With all the intensity of two days with Marc Canter at the Data Sharing Summit, I didn’t get a chance to reflect on Office 2.0 and my experience on the Social Computing panel. I thought it was a great chance to put some of the issues out in the open, particularly the key question about whether users or corporations will be in control of user-generated content in the social web.

Jeremiah Owyang said the Social Computing panel was the best he had seen “in a LONG time”. He did a really nice write up, here.

Mike McGrath wasn’t sold on the panel, and was about to exit the room, but he says I managed to reel him back in. What caught his attention?

Shel Israel deserves props for trying a different format for the panel. Here are his thoughts.

And here’s what was live coverage from Tris Hussey from Blognation. 

It was an honor to represent Plaxo in this session, alongside LinkedIn, Six Apart, and Ning. Thanks, Shel!

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