Somebody Made a Profile for Me. Great.

Not sure if anyone you know has done you the favor of building a profile page for you on Yahoo! Mash yet, but someone did for me. Wow. Thanks. I was really hoping there’d be another place for me to post things about myself, like what sort of animal I would be. Or worse, have other people make frivolous edits to my profile. Oh, yeah, and thanks for calling the feed feature “Pulse.”

As I said at Office 2.0, I agree with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook that something very big is happening, and that the social graph turbo-charges apps. (Where he and I disagree is whether Facebook or any corporation should own that social graph, or whether each user should own his/her own piece. of it.) What I’m hoping, though, is that we can see more apps that focus on solving real problems, like how to share some stuff with your family and other stuff with various circles of your friends, and other stuff with your business network. That’s what Plaxo is up to, but it’s a very big market opportunity.


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