Friendfeed Says, “Me, too.”

In one of the strangest product launches I’ve seen in a while, four ex-Googlers yesterday went out with a private beta of “Friendfeed,” an apparent direct clone of Plaxo Pulse! (Disclosure: Yes, I head up marketing for Plaxo, so am clearly a biased source on this story.)

Michael Arrington featured the announcement on TechCrunch. I, and many others, were quick to point out in the comments the remarkable similarity between their screenshot and our shipping product.  For this marketer, the unanswered question is, “What were they thinking?” Surely, they had to expect that people would notice.

Not sure what their differentiation strategy will be in the long run, but it is nonetheless good to see more offerings that seek to harness the power of the open social web.

4 thoughts on “Friendfeed Says, “Me, too.”

  1. Brandon Alex says:

    First of all there are other sites out there that have had this feature of a mash-up even before plaxo.

    I however agree that they did take the look of plaxo’s pulse.

    It’s in a totally different niche, nothing to worry about.

  2. therealmccrea says:

    Thanks for the comment. Curious about your notion of a “totally different niche.” How would you describe the niche they are going after?

  3. I am curious whether there are IP issues Plaxo is going to want to protect here? What is Plaxo’s approach to this sort of thing? I imagine “open” doesn’t mean “free for all”.

  4. therealmccrea says:

    Hey, Paul. Was your question about the IP around the ideas behind Pulse or around who owns the data (the user or the operator of the open social network)?

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