“Social Search” Rocks!

Wow. Ever since Plaxo launched Pulse, I’ve been among the many voices asking for the addition of search, because I always thought it would help harness the “wisdom of my own crowd.” But now that it’s here, I think the implications are far bigger.

In fact, I think Robert Scoble is right about the long-term implications of applying who-you-know to the problem of search. I now have over 1,000 pages of content in my river of lifestreams on Pulse.  So, I can type in “sushi,” and find several restaurant reviews on Yelp from people I know and respect. I can search on the keyword “Facebook,” or “walled garden” and see all the blogposts, Twitter tweets, and Diggs on those topics from people in my address book.

And more, I can do the social equivalent of “googling” people I know. Names like “Scoble” and “Arrington” bring up a ton of references from the journalists and A-list bloggers I’m connected to. Putting in “McCrea” yields fewer hits, but they include a blogpost from Robert Scoble and a Twitter tweet from South African Web 2.0 thought leader, Paul Jacobson. What are people in the open social web saying about you? Check your Pulse.

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