Coverage of the First OpenSocial “Open Social”

Joseph at the

What a week! Well, the folks at Plaxo were so busy getting the first OpenSocial live implementation, with several nights of coding until 3:00 AM, that a beer bust seemed the logical way to close out the week.

Joseph Smarr and I gave demos of Plaxo Pulse and its new “Dynamic Profiles” which do two things: 1) allow you to present different aspects of you to your professional and personal profiles (and set sharing policies per profile); and 2) add OpenSocial apps as well, and have those apps honor the sharing policy of the profile they’re embedded into.

There was a spirited discussion with Marc Canter and Chris Heuer, among others. Chris captured a fair bit of the demo and discussion, so if you want to see it, check out this video!

And there was another round of demos later with Tantek and Chris Messina. All in all, it was a great way to wind down from one of the most historic weeks in Internet history.  

We stowed the kegs in the fridge, since they weren’t completely empty. So, in the spirit of the open social web, please come on by any time this week and have a pint with us!

Double Kegger

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