Yahoo!, Where are You?

As the industry was shook by one earthquake after another (first Microsoft’s deal with Facebook, then Google’s OpenSocial move), many asked, “Where’s Yahoo!?” Well, it turns out that “where?” is an important question to the folks at Yahoo!’s Brickhouse. I learned about the impending news via Michael Arrington’s Twitter post this evening, which I saw in my Plaxo Pulse. Minutes later, TechCrunch broke the news about what looks like a very exciting and open play around geo-location APIs and services. This is, indeed, a critically important piece of the open social web. Will be interesting to see how/if it hooks up with the Google OpenSocial stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo!, Where are You?

  1. MikeB says:

    Hmm, Yahoo seem very quiet on this one. Perhaps they will link up with Open Social, then Facebook will be forced to join certainly.

  2. I suppose after staying quiet through the numerous projects popping up from Google and Facebook, Yahoo is only biding its time. Trust big organizations like this to have something up in their sleeves.

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