Charlene Li’s Talk at Graphing Social Patterns

Nick O’Neill has a nice writeup over at allfacebook of Charlene Li‘s talk at the Graphing Social Patterns conference down in San Diego. I really wish I had seen this talk. Charlene takes on the task of trying to predict the future of the social networking landscape.

One of her key predictions:

Profiles will “eventually evolve to universal identities,” leveraging OpenID, and the major players will be Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Plaxo.

That is certainly consistent with my views and predictions

I am hoping others who were there will also blog from their notes.

UPDATE: Here’s Clint Boulton’s writeup on Google Watch. And Teresa Valdez Klein’s take over at the Web Community Forum

Another link: Joseph Smarr’s tweet on the subject

And now Dan Farber of CNET has covered it. Later today he’s hosting a panel on data portability and privacy, along with Plaxo’s Joseph Smarr. 

UPDATE (Days Later):

Charlene has posted the general text of her address online.

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