Props to TechCrunch for Supporting the Opening of the Social Web!

Saw in Twitter that TechCrunch is taking the money raised at their party with PopSugar down in LA and donating it to two organizations working to open up the Social Web: the OpenID Foundation and DataPortability Workgroup. How cool is that?

Wow. It seems only a year ago that “open” and “data portability” were just a big dream for a small but passionate grass roots movement. Now, it seems clear we are on the cusp of the whole thing opening up.

Thanks expressed by David Recordon on behalf of OpenID here.

I really like how the things are shaping up. Kinda funny, Michael Arrington is at the vanguard of the “new journalism,” in my view. And the rules are not written. I like that he took this step to jump into the story and show support for the folks trying to open things up.

I’m on the other side of things, as a marketing guy, trying to be at the bleeding edge of “conversational marketing,” which means I am not just shoving out press releases with quotes from paid analysts. I’m increasingly jumping in and being part of the direct telling. Interesting…

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