On “Federating Social Networks” Panel at Voice Peering Forum

On the Federating Social Networks Panel

A good discussion today at an unusual forum. The panel topic was “Federating Social Networks,” but the conference was the “Voice Peering Forum,” which was heavily focused on the telecommunications sector. Lots of networking folks there, so my (nerdy) joke for our panel was “Welcome to layer 8.”

Here was the lineup:

Charlene Li
Vice President & Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

David L. Jones
Vice President of Global Marketing

Patrick Chanezon
OpenSocial Developer Advocate

Anil Dharni
Director of Products
hi5 Networks

John McCrea
Vice President, Marketing

Charlene asked the panelists to go on record predicting when the open version of the Social Web would emerge. I took the bold position (consistent with my post in December) that it would happen before the end of 2008!

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