The End of Walled Gardens Now in Sight

The tech landscape is changing more rapidly now than at any time since this crazy Web thing came along in about 1994. The walled garden model has been under attack for much of the past year, and all of a sudden, the walls are crumbling. And not just for traditional social networks, like Facebook and MySpace, who are transforming themselves into hubs that help their users interact with the rest of the web through initiatives like Facebook Connect (see great piece just posted by Jesse Stay on allfacebook on developing for Facebook Connect) and MySpace Data Availability. The walls are crumbling for the traditional Internet portals, as well, as seen in Yahoo’s big opening up via Y!OS, and now also for the mobile phone space, via the entry first of Apple, and more significantly, Google, with its open source mobile OS, Android and its completely open developer program and app market.

My co-stars were not available this week, but with so much going on, the show had to go on! I cover Facebook Connect spotted in the wild, Google’s Android launch, and a visualization of the “new open stack.” Check it out:

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