It’s Official: I was Wrong

I had a bad feeling last night about how the U.S. Presidential election would go. In particular, I feared and predicted that our system would buckle under the weight of an historic turnout, and that we would spend tonight (and maybe the coming days) dealing with a situation that might remind us of Florida in 2000. I am so pleased to admit that I was wrong. Whether you are an Obama supporter or a McCain supporter, please join me in celebrating a triumph of democracy in action. Well, done, U.S.A!

And, by the way, what an historic moment in American history. My great hope is that this will prove a watershed moment in the often tortured history of race in America. Forget for a moment the two political parties in this country. Forget conservative and liberal. Drink in this moment as symbolic of what makes the United States of America so special: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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