CitySearch Goes Social with Great Facebook Connect Implementation

CitySearch with Facebook Connect

CitySearch relaunched today, with a sweeping makeover that is my favorite Facebook Connect implementation so far. You should check it out to get a glimpse into the near-future emergence of the Social Web. I used my Facebook account to create a CitySearch account in a just a few clicks. I saw some of my Facebook friends were already there. I checked out their reviews. I got inspired to write a review, too (of Toronado, one of my favorite pubs in the world). And I agreed to have that review (and future ones) shared on Facebook. And that should power a virtuous cycle of discovery, adoption, and sharing.

CitySearch Review on my Facebook Profile

Congrats to the CitySearch and Facebook Connect teams. Well done!

Now, what I really want is for the sharing options to include other services, too. That review I wrote on CitySearch I would have been happy to have it flow also to FriendFeed and Plaxo. 🙂

3 thoughts on “CitySearch Goes Social with Great Facebook Connect Implementation

  1. Luke Shepard says:

    Thanks John! Appreciate the shout-out. Citysearch is also one of my favorite implementations yet – “reviews” has sort of been one of our archetypes for Connect sites, so I’m really glad to see it launch.

  2. […] dina vänner på Facebook se dina aktiviteter på CitySearch utan att själv vara medlemmar där. Ett exempel på hur det kan se ut.   Facebook går alltså från att vara mer än bara min social feed på […]

  3. “Examples of HOW it works”




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