A Well-Reasoned Response to my “Social DRM” Post

In my most optimistic moments, I think about how all this social media stuff (like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and aggregators like Plaxo and FriendFeed, and more), which so many dismiss as a waste of time, is really paving the way to making us all smarter. Here’s an example of that.

When I was an undergraduate at M.I.T., my social network there connected me with an alum, Bob Kerns. I really liked Bob, and we had some great interactions, but our paths diverged, and I lost track of him. Then, a few weeks ago, we reconnected via social media, in this case on Facebook. As a result, we’ve been exchanging thoughts, and recently he posted so many pithy comments, that I encouraged him to transform them into a blogpost.

He did, framing it as a response to my last post, and I found it fascinating. One thing I particularly enjoyed was that he makes reference to having been “on the Internet since 1972”! I think my readers will enjoy his post in its entirety, so I will link to it here. Please consider: Minority Report: The Facebook Copyright Controversy: I See 404 Pages.

This provides some interesting perspective on what it means to post stuff online.

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