From Day One of the Internet Identity Workshop

The past six months have flown by, and it is once again time for the semi-annual Internet Identity Workshop (IIW). I’ll post impressions and photos here from time to time throughout the day.

The "Real McCrea"

I had the honor of joining David Recordon and Chris Messina for an opening session on main stage, covering OpenID and other technologies of the Social Web. Here’s the presentation we used to structure our chat. It was almost the “Social Web TV” live!

On stage with Chris Messina and David Redordon

Here’s the view from the stage:

View from the stage

The second session was on Information Cards, led by Reed Drummond:

Reed Drummond on Information Cards

The last of the morning sessions is Doc Searls on Vendor Relationship Management (VRM), which turns CRM on its head. Great stuff. You can’t and shouldn’t “own your customer”. Doc asks, “What’s another word for owning a human being?”

Doc Searls on VRM

Doc Searls on VRM

After lunch, we reconvened, this time in a three ring circle. About to begin the scheduling of the “unconference”.

 IIW Opening Circle

 IIW Opening Circle

Here are the key concepts behind the “unconference” model:

Principles of Open Space

Some of the afternoon sessions:

Some of the afternoon sessions

In the thick of it: Sitting with Luke Shepard of Facebook (big news of today, as they became the largest OpenID Relying Party). Folks around us include Angus Logan of Microsoft and Dirk Balfanz and Breno de Medieros from Google.

In the thick of it

Sessions in Rooms E, F, and G:

Breakout rooms E, F, and G

And here’s my post on Day Two.

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