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In Case You Missed it, Georgia Bigfoot was indeed a Hoax. No, really? Duh!

Well it came crashing to its predictable end. Here’s the story from a CNN affiliate, with this great quote:

Dyer, asked whether he ever thought that the hoopla had become more than just a joke, implied that everyone should have known it was a hoax.

“Well, we told 10 different stories,” he said. “Everyone knew we were lying.”

Or watch this AP video clip:

This story made a monkey out of mainstream media, but it has a silver lining: One of the two redneck perpetrators of the hoax got fired. (His credibility as a law enforcement officer was a bit tarnished, shall we say?)

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The Real McCrea is Hunting for Bigfoot

Bigfoot and the Six Million Dollar Man

Yes. That’s right, Bigfoot, the mythical woods ape of North America, which seized the public imagination in the 1970’s, peaking with an appearance on The Six Million Dollar Man, and then slowly fading away, like CB radio, Hamburger Helper, and Pet Rocks

That is, until the other evening, when in my diligent search for fast breaking memes, I discovered via FriendFeed a post on Duncan Riley’s blog, The Inquisitr, the most amazing news: Bigfoot had returned to the public consciousness — this time in the form of a press release about a press conference about the purported capture of a real dead Bigfoot! And to my surprise, the press conference would not be in some remote mountain town, but rather here, in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto! What might turn out to be the story of the decade will play out at the Cabana Hotel, just miles from my office and home.

Now, the Bigfoot story may not fit squarely in the charter of this blog on the emergence of the Social Web, but heck, I’ve been thinking about expanding my scope anyway. So, The Real McCrea is on it! I’ll be heading over on Friday to the press conference, hi-def camcorder in one hand and MacBook Air in the other, ready to live blog the story for you. I hope to be joined by a gaggle of my media brethren, as this story has been teased by news organizations around the world, even including Fox and, yes, Scientific American.

Wish me luck that my blogger “credentials” will be enough to get me past security…

UPDATE: I have heard from other bloggers that they have asked for access to the event and been told that it is for “press only”. Now I know this is a hoax; the REAL Bigfoot would not discriminate against bloggers.

Plus, here’s some rare video footage of Bigfoot:

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