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Must See Web TV: Joseph Smarr’s “The Social Web: An Implementer’s Guide”

Late last month, Google hosted their annual developer gathering, Google I/O, in San Francisco. Among the many interesting talks was one by Joseph Smarr, Plaxo’s Chief Platform Artchitect, someone involved deeply in all the aspects of the Open Stack. If you want to understand what’s going on in the emerging Social Web, you have to watch his talk, entitled “The Social Web: An Implementer’s Guide.”

Joseph explains how you can now leverage technologies for openness and interoperability to:

– Streamline your sign up flow
– Put an end to “re-friend madness”
– Kill the “password anti-pattern”
– Ride the “virtuous cycle”

His talk includes several demos. Check it out:

Alternatively, you can access the slides over at Joseph’s blog.

To quote Joseph, “The web is now social. And the Social Web is now open.”

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Live from Facebook Developer Garage in Palo Alto


The venerable old Blue Chalk is bursting at the seams with a swelling crowd of developers who have gathered for the Facebook Developer Garage event focused on Facebook Connect. I’m here with Joseph Smarr, also of Plaxo, and hanging out with David Recordon and with Dave Morin and our many Facebook friends. I also have with me tshirts that say, “Plaxo and Facebook are now in an open relationship”. If you ask me for one at the event, I’ll give it to you!

This is a follow-up event to the recent F8, where Connect debuted. Here’s our coverage from F8:

I’ll add to this post as the event rolls.

Josh Elman is opening up the event, saying it’s gonna be a talk from Dave Morin talking first, followed by demos, including David Recordon for SixApart, followed by CBS and RedBull, and then a WordPress plug-in developed internally at Facebook. And here comes Dave…



Dave sharing a vision of the Social Web built on three key elements: identity, friends, and feeds. As readers of this site know, I couldn’t agree more! Check out our Social Web ecosystem charts in this post, which we developed for Joseph Smarr’s talk at Web 2.0 this year.

Me in the t-shirt:


A really cool shot of Mike Vernal, “bathing in the code”:


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