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My Platform Switch: Hello, iPhone, MacBook Air, Sony Cybershot, Comcast Triple Play!

It’s a season of platform change in my personal life, an exciting time of new devices and services. I’ve just ditched my old-fashioned Treo device + crappy Palm software (and no-complaints Sprint service) in favor of the the 3G iPhone (which happens to come with AT&T). I’ve junked my heavy, clunky Windows laptop from Lenovo that took forever to boot up or shut down, in favor of the slim, no-hard-drive MacBook Air from Apple. I’ve abandoned the sluggish, blurry, Canon Powershot pocket digital camera in favor of a snappy new Sony Cybershot with a 28mm (wide-angle) lens and some great image stabilization technology.

And on the “digital home” front, I’ve transitioned from getting my television via satellite (DirectTV), and my broadband vis DSL (SBC), and my phone from the phone company to getting it all together from my new employer, Comcast. [No, I am not shilling here. The main driver for this transition was that I get the triple play as an employee benefit. That said, to borrow a slogan from McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it!”]

Why is all this important? I think we are living in some very exciting times (again), now having fully recovered from the post-dot-com-bubble slump in the first half of the decade. I think we are in the early phase of a *major* wave of change. This will be a golden era for developers and consumers, driven by Moore’s Law, open standards, great design, and Darwinian competition. And I plan to photograph, video, and blog it with all these great devices and services!

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