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Summize: Global Twitter Search with Translation to English


I am addicted to Summize, the recently launched Twitter search tool. I use morning, noon, and night to track what is being said about my company, about me, or about any of several subjects I am passionate about. That allows me to spot product issues early and to find out what new features are delighting users.

One frustration I have had is that many of the tweets are in other languages, which has meant that I have only a vague idea at best of what they are saying. So I was very excited this morning to see a new feature in Summize: every page now has a “Translate to English” link! The automatic translations are not perfect, as you can imagine, but they are certainly good enough to give me insight into how people are reacting and to see if there are any issues with various localized versions of our service.

Go, Summize. Vielen dank! Merci! Gracias!

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Another Vital Tool: Summize for Twitter Search


As you know, I’m a big fan of Twitter, and believe that is is becoming a core platform for any conversational marketer. But Twitter’s sprawling success creates the need for an ecosystem of tools to help us slice and dice the conversation cloud. Fortunately, the team at Twitter has provided APIs that enable a vibrant developer community to emerge, with new tools popping every week.

Today, I was excited to discover a new Twitter search tool that jumps ahead of Terraminds (now defunct) and Tweetscan (my go-to search tool in recent days). Summize is the first Twitter search tool that appears to be a commercial offering, rather than somebody’s side project. My thanks to Adam Ostrow at Mashable for the scoop on this new offering (which I learned about via a tweet from Pete Cashmore).

Summize is clean and simple, and has a professional look that inspires confidence. Let’s hope they can back that up with scalability and reliability. In addition, Summize provides RSS feeds for any search term, and one feature that I’m really excited about: search by language. Want to know what people are tweeting about your brand (personal or corporate) in French, German, or any other langauage? Summize to the rescue!

Over at Plaxo, where I head up marketing, that kind of granular search is really important. Our service is available in English and six other languages. Seeing what people are saying about the company or product in the languages we’ve localized in is invaluable. And seeing which languages that we’ve not yet localized in have a lot of chatter about our offering can influence localization priorities going forward.

Two other nice features of Summize: RSS feeds for any search term, and the ability to tweet any search result. My hunch, though, is that there is more to come. I plan to use this tool daily, and suggest you do, too!

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