The Walls are Coming Down

As I stopped for my quad latte on the way into work the other morning, I saw them tearing down a tall, thick wall. It was the site of a planned demolition of a building that had recently been set on fire. the sight was so jarring that it made me think about all that I had been writing recently about “tearing down the walls” of the social networks that are holding user data captive. I made a mental note to come back later, when the light would be better, to take a picture of the scene.

Then at the office today I watched Robert Scoble’s latest interview (after seeing the pictures of Milan via Plaxo Pulse). His latest subject? Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi. She’s a bright young woman, and very natural in front of the camera. As I was enjoying the interview, I realized where it was filmed — right across the corner from the demolition site! So, as they chatted, this is what Randi would have seen out the corner of her eye:


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