Live from TechCrunch 40

Up in SF for the blowout conference TechCrunch 40. Standing room only. Heavy-hitters everywhere you turn. Highlights so far?

Michael Moritz hosted a panel discussion with Marc Andreessen, David Filo, and Chad Hurley.

Flock just demoed a very interesting “social web browser” doing some crazy and cool stuff across Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and MySpace. Worth checking out.

Right now, MusicShake is demoing music composition that “brain-dead” easy. Very cool. And nice presentation style.

Before this session, Michael Arrington asked if we had heard the news that Yahoo had just acquired Zimbra for $350 million. Wow! Quite a multiple, I suspect.  

Looking forward to the session at the end of the day with Arrington interviewing Zuckerberg.

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