Has Facebook “Jumped the Shark”?

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I suppose I should have seen this coming. Feelings run deep with respect to Microsoft and on the topic of privacy. If the Facebook/Microsoft deal gives Microsoft access to the Facebook social graph in detail for the purpose of ad targeting, might this cause concern and consternation, at least for some?

Apparently, the answer is, “Yes.”

In a post entitled, “This is a poke-free zone,” a South African blogger, Ivo, says he’s leaving Facebook, closing his account there, and heading over to Orkut. It seems he also the created a group on Facebook called “If Facebook sells to Microsoft, we’re leaving”!

And in a post entitled “Please Turn Out the Lights,” Wired Gecko jumps on the bandwagon, and indicates he’s leaving Facebook for Orkut and Plaxo’s Pulse. 

A few lone wolves, or the beginnings of a mass migration?

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2 thoughts on “Has Facebook “Jumped the Shark”?

  1. I don’t see the vast majority of Facebook users noticing or even caring that Microsoft has bought a stake in Facebook. They’ll keep using Facebook until their network moves elsewhere. Orkut could be the next spot but it will need more development to make it more attractive that Facebook. Maybe after 5 November we will see an incentive to really move wholesale.

  2. Ivo Vegter says:

    The group I ran had 456 members. It was the third-biggest group of its kind, and the others weren’t much bigger. So I hardly expect a mass migration. One can dream, of course… I’m sure you guys at Plaxo do 🙂

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