My First Podcast

I had the pleasure today of participating in my first audio podcast. Thom Singer, author of “Some Assembly Required” interviewed me for his blog. Thom’s a guy down in Austin who is a thought leader in the world of networking, and he’s helping a lot of folks who aren’t spending all day and night in Silicon Valley make sense of the new tools for social networking.

You can listen to the podcast here. 

Thom and I had a lot of fun recording it. I hope we make this something we do from time-to-time.

Note to Thom and other bloggers and journalists: I’m eager to do more of these sorts of things. What I’d like to talk about next is how Twitter is making a difference in my life, and what Twitter means to those of us in the marketing profession.

One thought on “My First Podcast

  1. thom singer says:


    thank you for being on the radio show podcast. I would enjoy having you back to talk about Twitter. Lets do it next month. I find Twitter interesting, and am adding cool people to follow where I can learn more (not just people who tell me about the flavor of pizza they had for dinner).


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