Meebo Party: “I Want to _______ With You”

Had a fun time last night in SF at Meebo’s second-birthday-and-platform-launch party. Got a cool, “I want to ______ with you” t-shirt. Saw Cameron Ring, one of Plaxo’s co-founders, mixing with Megan McCarthy from Valleywag. Talked”open social” with Joseph Smarr and lots of folks, including David Recordon of SixApart. Meebo’s really making great strides.

If you can get a lot of people using your product many hours a day for real-time interaction, as they have, you can begin to do some interesting things.

Here are a few of my pics from the event.

meebo party 6

meebo party 5

meebo party 4

meebo party 3

meebo party 2

meebo party 1

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