MySpace Joins the Open Social Web!

In an aftershock to the Google OpenSocial earthquake, TechCrunch confirms that MySpace is joining the OpenSocial initiative and abandoning their proprietary platform. Wow!

How much longer will Facebook hold out? I predict no more than six months. 

This is really phenomenal news. In related matters, now the rush is on to actually implement the new APIs. Apparently the teams at Plaxo and RockYou are making great strides. Plaxo is hosting an “OpenSocial Open Social” tomorrow afternoon, and they’re claiming they’ll be able to show OpenSocial apps running live in Pulse (not just demo, but on shipping pages)!

Wanna go? No invitation required. (It’s about the open social web, after all.) Here are the details.

One thought on “MySpace Joins the Open Social Web!

  1. Vern says:

    Open source is the way to go – all good news!

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