Facebook is Backed into a Corner

Walled Garden

Suddenly the view from behind Facebook’s wall is not so rosy. In fact, the outside world suddenly feels downright hostile to the company that just weeks ago could do no wrong.

There is now a faster beating of the drums, as more and more sites pile on the “open” bandwagon. And with today’s entry of MySpace and Bebo, suddenly Facebook finds itself in a really awkward position. Instead of being able to gracefully fix the “flaw” in their system that Mark Zuckerberg confessed to at the Web 2.0 summit on their own sweet time, suddenly Facebook is backed into a corner. If they cave now and join the OpenSocial movement, they look really weak. If they “stay the course,” with each new announcement (and trust me, there are more on the way), they will look more and more like America Online, Compuserve, and Prodigy.

What do you think Zuckerberg should do?

One thought on “Facebook is Backed into a Corner

  1. […] none as big as these new entrants). Suddenly it looked like the whole world was going open (save, of course, for Facebook). This led to yet another round of frenzied reporting, which in turn made the […]

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