A Peak Inside Social Graph Foo Camp

I had the good fortune of being invited to Social Graph Foo Camp. It was my first Foo ever, and I’m bummed that I had to leave early for some family things, because it is a really great event. Anyway, I’ve got a moment now to write a quick post. Hope to follow up with photos and more retrospective tomorrow.

One of the most lively sessions was right after lunch today. John Panzer of Google wanted to do a session on who owns data in social networks, and Joseph Smarr of Plaxo wanted to do a session on a practical pathway to friends list portability. In the spirit of unconference, suggestions arose to merge the two into one, and John and Joseph agreed it was a good idea. The session was very well attended and lively. The discussion was passionate to say the least (with some spirited back and forth on the issues surfaced in the “Scoblegate” incident). When the session ended, a big wave of applause arose.

Although foo camp has an “off the record” flavor, the following video clip was shot by me and is only of Joseph, who is cool with my sharing it publicly. So, here’s a little taste of what was a very important discussion.

Plus, here’s photos on flickr that are tagged “sgfoocamp”.

One thought on “A Peak Inside Social Graph Foo Camp

  1. […] gathering. We have made so much progress toward an open and interoperable Social Web since the first Social Foo Camp, last February, and this event did nothing to dampen my optimism for the coming […]

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