Thanks, Google and Plaxo, I’ve got a cool new Public Profile!

If you followed the news on Friday (no, not that news), you know that Google stirred things up with the surprise release of a Social Graph API. Plaxo managed to be the first out the gate with an application that leveraged the API, launching Public Profiles within an hour of the announcement!

Sure, I was the poster boy for the new feature, as shown in this screenshot:


But screenshots don’t really do this new feature justice. WAY BETTER to check out my actual live dynamic profile!

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Google and Plaxo, I’ve got a cool new Public Profile!

  1. nick says:

    this is great and all, not I have a wonder… why hasn’t Plaxo considered being a OpenID provider. The ‘MyPlaxo’ seems like a great access point for an OpenID. That all said…. I definitely like everything going on a Plaxo. This public Profile is a definite nice solution to having many ‘home websites’ and being able to consolidate and share all my feeds.

  2. therealmccrea says:

    Nick, Thanks! Plaxo has every intent of becoming an OpenID provider (and we’re feeling bad that we haven’t yet!). We’re still a pretty small company, and between supporting OpenID as a consumer, Open Social, microformats, and the just launched Social Graph API, our plate has been pretty full! Stay tuned…

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  4. […] API. Together, this should push microformats over the top. Already, sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo mark up their public profiles with microformats. Expect many more to follow […]

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