Yahoo’s “Y!OS”: Strong Proof the Web is Going Social — and Open!

Some really big news came and went last week, with relatively little attention paid to it by the mainstream media. Yahoo, the top Internet site in a major battle to regain it’s “mojo,” unveiled the details of “Y!OS” (Yahoo Open Strategy), a truly bold move that completely re-defines the notion of a portal. [See also nice coverage on Mashable by Rob Diana.]

Just as the “open” wave is transforming social network from walled gardens into aggregation hubs for connecting with the rest of the Web, Y!OS will transform Yahoo from a traditional portal into something entirely new. They’re doing it all by building on top of open spec building blocks, including OpenID, OAuth, and OpenSocial. And they’re not just taking these blocks off the shelf; they’re also giving back, contributing their own innovations in the spirit of let’s-all-work-together to keep the web open.

To learn more about Y!OS, we invited Cody Simms, Sr. Director of Product Management from Yahoo on to our weekly Internet TV show, The Social Web TV. Cody is a really dynamic guy; I think you’ll agree this is a great episode!

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4 thoughts on “Yahoo’s “Y!OS”: Strong Proof the Web is Going Social — and Open!

  1. Cody Simms says:

    John, thanks for having me on the show! I had a great time and look forward to coming back again in the future. Cheers, -c

  2. […] John wrote a nice little blurb about the session and his thoughts on Y!OS in general on his […]

  3. Niv Calderon says:

    A great video by you guys. Am looking forward to more news on the YOS and i think its gonna revolutionize the net, but the burden of proof is on Yahoo. I know i’d love to be there and help in that.

    also, about this blog and the videos, you should categorize you posts, and whenever you post a video it should be under the videos category.

  4. […] Strategy (Y!OS). Plus a report from last week’s exciting Portable Contacts Summit. You can read The Real McCrea’s coverage of Yahoo!’s latest open moves or watch the conversation […]

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