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New Episode: “The Social Web and the Loss of a Pop Star”

When a major figure in the pop music world is lost, what role can social media play in bringing us together in celebration of their life and music? Join me, Joseph Smarr, Chris Messina, David Recordon, and special guest, Kevin Marks for an unforgettable episode of The Social Web TV!

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Back from an inspiring SXSW

What a great SXSW!

We used Twitter to create a “flash party” at the Chuggin’ Monkey after we ran into Gary Vaynerchuk on the street:

Gary Vaynerchuk and Posse

I dared Joseph Smarr, my partner-in-crime from Plaxo, to work the word “salamander” into his panel on OpenID in the enterprise, with hopes he could liven up the topic. To my surprise, he did, saying something like “ownership of user-generated content via open platforms is a slippery salamander”. Several of us broke out in applause, the tweeting and re-tweeting began:

Slippery Salamander

We recovered from the awesome Facebook party at Pangea with a meetup at the the Hula Hut on the lake. This picture I call “Socializing 2.0”. (Note the extreme focus on smartphones. 😉

At the Hula Hut

Facebook’s Dave Morin, who hails from Montana, was sporting some sweet new cowboy boots and talking about a cool idea that might get more of us to get our own:

Dave Morin's new Cowboy Boots

On Monday night, I got to meet the lovely Julia Allison, while hanging out with David Recordon, Dave Morin, and Josh Elman.

Julia, Daveman692, and Dave Morin

We were talking about the Social Foo Camp coming up, and how it actually involves camping. So I asked…

Funny Tweet

Oh, and we shot two episodes of the Social Web TV with my new Flip Mino HD. One with Joe Hewitt of Facebook on their announcement of Facebook Connect for iPhone and one with Josh Elman of Facebook and Kalya Hamlin, a.k.a “Identity Woman,” about real identities.

All in all, despite the sour macroeconomic evironment, it was an uplifting event. We need to innovate our way out of the current mess, and I see great things happening to accelerate the emergence of the Social Web, which will enable a wave of entrepreneurship as large or larger than anything we’ve seen since the birth of the Web 15 years ago.

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Happy Holidays from The Social Web TV

This episode went up over the weekend over at The Social Web TV. After many weeks of travel, Chris Messina is back, joining me and Joseph Smarr for our first year-end holiday show. You can see me develop off the top of my head some of my bold predictions for 2009.

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APIs Popping Up All Over (Thanks to Mashery)

The latest episode of The Social Web TV has just been released, hosted by Chris Messina and me, and with special guest Clay Loveless, Mashery’s chief architect. Mashery is the company powering new APIs from the New York Times, Netflix, Best Buy, and MTV, among others. The fact that a company can make a good business out of building and supporting APIs for mainstream companies is another good sign that the Social Web is opening up, big time.

Head on over to The Social Web TV to watch and get the supporting links, or click on the embed below:

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Chris Messina Rocks FOWA with OAuth and Portable Data

Must watch TV. Chris Messina at FOWA (Future of Web Apps) in London. “How Oauth and Portable Data can revolutionize your web app.” Good overview of much of the open stack, including OpenID, OAuth, XRDS-simple, and Portable Contacts. Check it out.

Update: I have *no* idea what is going on, but the FOWA team has screwed with all the URLs. I’m still looking for the link to Chris’s talk. If you find it, please comment it up. Apologies in the meantime.

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Dare to be Open?

This week, influential blogger (and Microsoft employee) Dare Obasanjo kicked up a little controversy with a post he did on Portable Contacts, entitled The Portable Contacts API: Killing the Password Anti-Pattern Once and For All. It is a largely positive piece, making the case for why Portable Contacts makes sense:

The…problem…is that each site that provides an address book or social graph API is reinventing the wheel both with regards to the delegated auth model they implement and the actual API for retrieving a user’s contacts. This means that social networking sites that want to implement a contact import feature have to support a different API and delegated authorization model for each service they want to talk to even though each API and delegated auth model effectively does the same thing.

However, the piece closes with a critique of the process by which Portable Contacts and other open-spec building block are coming into existence:

If anything, I’m concerned by the growing number of interdependent specs that seem poised to have a significant impact on the Web and yet are being defined outside of formal standards bodies in closed processes funded by big companies. For example, about half of the references in the Portable Contacts API specs are to IETF RFCs while the other half are to specs primarily authored by Google and Yahoo! employees outside of any standards body (OpenSocial, OAuth, OpenSearch, XRDS-Simple, etc).

The Gillmor Gang responded by having Chris Messina, one of the key players in the open-spec movement, on as a special guest.

Not surprisingly, we waded in, too, on our weekly show, The Social Web TV. We brought on special guest, Kaliya Hamlin, a.k.a. “Identity Woman,” a facilitator of the open process and key events, like the upcoming Internet Identity Workshop. In the episode, we make sure to point out the positive involvement of Microsoft in the open process to develop the Portable Contacts API. Check it out:

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Yahoo’s “Y!OS”: Strong Proof the Web is Going Social — and Open!

Some really big news came and went last week, with relatively little attention paid to it by the mainstream media. Yahoo, the top Internet site in a major battle to regain it’s “mojo,” unveiled the details of “Y!OS” (Yahoo Open Strategy), a truly bold move that completely re-defines the notion of a portal. [See also nice coverage on Mashable by Rob Diana.]

Just as the “open” wave is transforming social network from walled gardens into aggregation hubs for connecting with the rest of the Web, Y!OS will transform Yahoo from a traditional portal into something entirely new. They’re doing it all by building on top of open spec building blocks, including OpenID, OAuth, and OpenSocial. And they’re not just taking these blocks off the shelf; they’re also giving back, contributing their own innovations in the spirit of let’s-all-work-together to keep the web open.

To learn more about Y!OS, we invited Cody Simms, Sr. Director of Product Management from Yahoo on to our weekly Internet TV show, The Social Web TV. Cody is a really dynamic guy; I think you’ll agree this is a great episode!

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