Chris Messina Rocks FOWA with OAuth and Portable Data

Must watch TV. Chris Messina at FOWA (Future of Web Apps) in London. “How Oauth and Portable Data can revolutionize your web app.” Good overview of much of the open stack, including OpenID, OAuth, XRDS-simple, and Portable Contacts. Check it out.

Update: I have *no* idea what is going on, but the FOWA team has screwed with all the URLs. I’m still looking for the link to Chris’s talk. If you find it, please comment it up. Apologies in the meantime.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Messina Rocks FOWA with OAuth and Portable Data

  1. Alex Popescu says:

    I think the video you are looking for can be found here:

  2. therealmccrea says:

    Alex, thanks so much! The video worked for a while, then disappeared. I tried and tried to find it. So glad you were able to and let me know!

  3. Alex Popescu says:

    No problem. I think you should update the post too, now that we have the good URL in place.

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