It’s Time to Vote for the OpenID Board

The OpenID Foundation is having its first-ever election of “community board members”. Seven seats are up for grabs, and there is an impressive slate of 17 candidates in the running. Voting closes on December 24, so if you want the Open Stack to win in 2009, you might consider joining the OpenID Foundation (cost $25) so that you can help determine its governance by casting your vote.

Readers of my blog and viewers of The Social Web TV will see several familiar names, but I think I will refrain from endorsing any specific candidates. You can probably guess some of my votes. 😉

It’s great to see Luke Shepard of Facebook in the running, which stokes hopes that we will one day see Facebook implement some or all of the Open Stack.

Foundation members can cast up to seven votes. I confess I found it very difficult, because there are so many really qualified candidates. That bodes well for this important open standard.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Vote for the OpenID Board

  1. […] you’re interested in OpenID and the future of the web, please join! And then vote for me. Even John McCrea thinks it’s a good idea […]

  2. […] and the Activity Streams meetup a few weeks ago. And Luke Shepard, from the Facebook Connect team, ran in the recent election for the OpenID Foundation Community Board. Luke will now be Facebook’s official […]

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