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Tornado Unleashed in Palo Alto

Bret Taylor talks Tornado at Facebook

Last evening, many of the developers of the Social Web came together in Palo Alto for a Tornado Tech Talk at Facebook. The event delivered a one-two punch from two heavy hitters who recently joined Facebook — David Recordon, the open technology leader and advocate, and Bret Taylor, of the recently-acquired FriendFeed (where Tornado was developed).

What’s Tornado? David Recordon says:

Tornado is a relatively simple, non-blocking Web server framework written in Python. It’s designed to handle thousands of simultaneous connections, making it ideal for real-time Web services.

(Oh, and the big deal is that it has been open-sourced, so that anyone can benefit from the many innovations developed originally for FriendFeed.)

Bret Taylor talks Tornado at Facebook

It was a really great event. Bret Taylor is one impressive individual — deeply technical, a great communicator, and someone with a very coherent world view and philosophy for developing product.

Bret Taylor talks Tornado at Facebook

David Recordon has more details (including Bret’s slides) on his post, Talking about Tornado. And Caroline McCarthy of CNET puts it into perspective with her post, Facebook wastes no time putting FriendFeed to work.

All-in-all, this is a great sign of the continued movement toward an open and interoperable Social Web. I applaud Facebook’s continued moves toward greater openness. And it’s clear that David Recordon and the FriendFeed team are a great addition to the mix!

[UPDATE: Bret has a post up now that, along with the slides, embeds the full video of the talk!]

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Mainstreaming “open”: David Recordon joins Facebook!

David Recordon

It was first reported by BusinessWeek today, that as part of their step-on-the-gas hiring spree, Facebook has landed one of the most prominent figures in the Open Web movement, David Recordon. David confirmed the report, first via Twitter (after receiving a few congratulations from key players on the Facebook Connect platform team, including Dave Morin and Josh Elman) — and later via a blogpost.

I think this is great news for the emerging Social Web, as this now gives David a chance to cross-pollinate between the grass-roots open-spec world of OpenID, OAuth, Portable Contacts, and the rest of the Open Stack and the mainstream, rapidly growing Facebook platform that is serving over 300 million active users and countless thousands of developers of all sizes.

I hope and believe we can continue to count on David to be a passionate and clear-headed voice on behalf of user rights and the Open Web. And I can’t wait for the next episode of The Social Web TV, where David joins me, Joseph Smarr, and Chris Messina on a frequent basis, to make sense of the evolution toward a more open and interoperable Web.

[Update: gotta love Chris Messina’s post on this!]

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Green screen, FTW! New episode of The Social Web TV

Together with David Recordon and Joseph Smarr, I take on the Social Web news of the week, plus a book review, and a strange detour to the moon. Genius? Or did our show just “jump the shark”? Please watch and decide for yourself. As for me, I say, “Green screen, for the win!”

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New Episode: “The Social Web and the Loss of a Pop Star”

When a major figure in the pop music world is lost, what role can social media play in bringing us together in celebration of their life and music? Join me, Joseph Smarr, Chris Messina, David Recordon, and special guest, Kevin Marks for an unforgettable episode of The Social Web TV!

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Back from an inspiring SXSW

What a great SXSW!

We used Twitter to create a “flash party” at the Chuggin’ Monkey after we ran into Gary Vaynerchuk on the street:

Gary Vaynerchuk and Posse

I dared Joseph Smarr, my partner-in-crime from Plaxo, to work the word “salamander” into his panel on OpenID in the enterprise, with hopes he could liven up the topic. To my surprise, he did, saying something like “ownership of user-generated content via open platforms is a slippery salamander”. Several of us broke out in applause, the tweeting and re-tweeting began:

Slippery Salamander

We recovered from the awesome Facebook party at Pangea with a meetup at the the Hula Hut on the lake. This picture I call “Socializing 2.0”. (Note the extreme focus on smartphones. 😉

At the Hula Hut

Facebook’s Dave Morin, who hails from Montana, was sporting some sweet new cowboy boots and talking about a cool idea that might get more of us to get our own:

Dave Morin's new Cowboy Boots

On Monday night, I got to meet the lovely Julia Allison, while hanging out with David Recordon, Dave Morin, and Josh Elman.

Julia, Daveman692, and Dave Morin

We were talking about the Social Foo Camp coming up, and how it actually involves camping. So I asked…

Funny Tweet

Oh, and we shot two episodes of the Social Web TV with my new Flip Mino HD. One with Joe Hewitt of Facebook on their announcement of Facebook Connect for iPhone and one with Josh Elman of Facebook and Kalya Hamlin, a.k.a “Identity Woman,” about real identities.

All in all, despite the sour macroeconomic evironment, it was an uplifting event. We need to innovate our way out of the current mess, and I see great things happening to accelerate the emergence of the Social Web, which will enable a wave of entrepreneurship as large or larger than anything we’ve seen since the birth of the Web 15 years ago.

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