Day One at Supernova

 Opening Session

Up in SF with Joseph Smarr at the first day of Supernova. Great gathering. Vibrant hallway conversations. 

Not surprisingly, a very thoughtful presentation by Clay Shirky. Here’s a nice writeup by Dan Farber of CNET.

Best of show (so far) was the talk a few minutes ago by Google’s Joe Kraus. Great to hear his spin on a topic that I write about all the time — the transition from social networks to the Social Web. Among other things, he showed off Google Friend Connect, including showing the controversial ui that shows import from Facebook as feature currently “Disabled by Facebook”!

Joe Kraus showing Google Friend Connect

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch has a writeup that includes live video. I highly recommend it. Joe is a great public speaker and is a great spokeperson for opening up the Social Web.


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