“Whose Social Graph?” Panel at Supernova

"Whose Social Graph?" panel at Supernova

Rockin’ panel at Supernova.

A screenshot from a blogpost by David Recordon has set off a verbal firestorm.

Getting down and dirty now on why Facebook disabled Google’s Friend Connect. Dave Morin, who is a very capable spokesperson, is getting peppered with lots of questions. Sepcifically, the audience wants an answer to Google’s Kevin Marks’ question, “What can we do to get this feature re-enabled? How did we violate the TOS?” Dave has made clear that “representatives” from the two companies are talking, seeking a resolution. (Interpretation: lawyers.) Dave has had to defer on one more pointed question with, “Unfortunately, I have to defer on legal questions.”

Best panel of Supernova, so far. Great moderation by Tantek, who engaged the panelists and the audience. And Kevin, Joseph, and Dave represented their companies and their positions really well. Despite some controversy, it is clear that there is genuine intent to open up and enable interoperability — under the control of the user.

UPDATE: A thorough writeup by CNET’s Dan Farber is now up.

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