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Conversational Marketing: Know What They’re Tweeting!

A bit of a "freak show"

If you are a marketer and have not figured out the fast-changing landscape of social media, bone up! If you are a seasoned PR person, brand manager, or CMO and think that Twitter and other new media tools are fringe fads, wake up!

Ignoring the “memestream” is something you cannot afford to do. As the world of “old media” (a.k.a. print newspapers and magazines) is in a death spiral, the “buzz” is increasingly determined by the community of the blogosphere and the microblogosphere.

What are people saying about your brand on Twitter? If your answer is, “I don’t know,” you are lazy. If your answer is “What is Twitter?” you are incompetent and should think about career alternatives.

As the head of marketing for Plaxo, I feel it is essential that I stay on top of tools like Tweetscan to monitor what people are saying about our brand. That often leads to customer service escalations — and to reversals of opinion. A frustrated Twitterer who gets rapid remedy after tweeting a complaint can become a brand ally.

Don’t believe that this stuff matters to real companies? Check out this weekend’s drama with Michael Arrington and Comcast.

Update: A nice post over at CNET by Charles Cooper on the relationship between Twitter, breaking news, and “old media.”

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Essential Twitter Tools: My Two Cents

Woody, Up Close and Personal

How can we get the most out of the revolutionary “microblogging” platform Twitter?

Influential Forrester analyst and veteran blogger, Jeremiah Owyang, recently posted on the topic of “essential Twitter tools.” I can certainly relate, as an increasingly heavy (a.k.a, addicted) Twitter user. Twitter is, in my opinion, a first-class citizen of the Social Web. Very open. Very social.

I have tried all the tools Jeremiah mentions, and for me, the key is search. I mourn the loss to Terraminds, but have happily replaced it with Tweetscan. (Although, when it was down for hours today, I had serious withdrawal.) Why? Because it really matters to me what people are tweeting about my company (Plaxo). When someone has a problem, complaint, question, or suggestion for Plaxo and voices it via Twitter, I want to know. Many a new conversation or relationship hasĀ been struck as a result of this facility.

My only addition to Jeremiah’s list is Plaxo Pulse (the first social aggregator). There, by virtue of the foundation of my unified address book, I am “following” a bunch of Twitterers that I am not following directly in Twitter (or indirectly via FriendFeed). And, because Pulse allows for status sync with Twitter, many of those messages show up simply as status updates.

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Yahoo!, Where are You?

As the industry was shook by one earthquake after another (first Microsoft’s deal with Facebook, then Google’s OpenSocial move), many asked, “Where’s Yahoo!?” Well, it turns out that “where?” is an important question to the folks at Yahoo!’s Brickhouse. I learned about the impending news via Michael Arrington’s Twitter post this evening, which I saw in my Plaxo Pulse. Minutes later, TechCrunch broke the news about what looks like a very exciting and open play around geo-location APIs and services. This is, indeed, a critically important piece of the open social web. Will be interesting to see how/if it hooks up with the Google OpenSocial stuff.

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